You may have lost your child
Infant death
Child’s death

Your child may have been
Few weeks
Several months
A few years
Many years old

Your child may have
Died in the womb
Died at birth
Committed suicide
Died in an accident
Coldly murdered
Taken away by sickness

You are eternally a mother
You carried that child
Inside your womb
For however long you
Loved him
Loved her
Before death snatched away
Your reason for existing
You are eternally a mother
It is not just an Impression



It’s been ten years
My dearest mother
Since I said goodbye to you
It’s been hard
You know
Yet I have survived
Missing you so much
I sometimes think I will not wake up
I miss so much of you
Your laughter
Your sadness
Your excitement
Everything about you
Has not faded away
I still remember you
The first Mother’s Day without you
I thought I would not survive
Now the tenth Mothers Day without you
I still think I will not survive
Yet you gave me so much strength
When you were alive
Since you have been gone
So much has happened
So much of my life has changed
I’m sure you know your grandson
My baby boy is now with you
I prayed for the day you would meet him
Now you get to meet him without me
Still I celebrate you Mother
Everything you taught me
I have never forgotten
Everything I am you gave me
The wisdom I now know
You imparted on me
So on this Mothers’ Day
I still miss you
I love you Mother
Happy Mothers’ Day to you



I see strength that I cannot fathom
Strength to hold my hand
Strength to hold my tears
Strength to hold my laughter
Strength to hold my anger
Strength to hold my heartbreak
Strength to hold my moodiness
Strength to hold me

In my father’s HANDS
I find a hope for the future
I feel his love for me
When I walk across the streets holding his hand
His hands hold me still
When I am impatient at life

At my father’s FEET
I learn unquestionable wisdom
I know who I am
Because he is my father
His feet hold the ground firmly for me
At his feet I humble myself
Knowing I am to obey his words
His knowledge flows at his feet

In my father’s DISCIPLINE
I grow stronger, wiser, calmer
His discipline makes me a grownup
Love is filled in my father’s discipline
He knows I need to be guided
So I find my way in this life
Knowing I have the best teacher

On my father’s SHOULDER
I see the world as I never have before
I feel stronger without fear
His shoulders are the foundation
The pillar that will hold me steadfast
His shoulders
Strong and mighty yet tender
Whenever he lifts me up
I know I am safe on his shoulders

In my father’s LOVE
I know how I will love a man
How he should treat and respect me
I understand unconditional love
I know love that keeps its word
I feel how special I should be made to feel
His love teaches me patience
Shows me real commitment
My father’s love
Is everything I hold dear

I my father’s EYES
I see a reflection of who I will become
I understand who I am
I know myself more than possible
His eyes filled with pride
I see the tears he holds in
Just so I can be stronger in this journey

In my father’s EYES
I see me



In my mother’s EYES
There is a strength I draw
Stability that gives me life, I find my way in them

In my mother’s ARMS
I feel safe and secure
Nothing in the world can make me fear
As I hold her back

In my mother’s HANDS
Is a firm grip that tightens to protect
Lead me along the shadowy paths to ensure I finish my journey

At my mother’s FEET
I find blessings that I cannot count
Humility that makes me who i am

In my mother’s HEART
Is where her love for me radiates
It’s a home I live in forever

In my mother’s LAUGHTER
I find myself, my joy, my happiness
As I learn about myself knowing life is a gift

In my mother’s WORDS
There is a wisdom I cannot explain
A fountain of knowledge that never dries
In those words i grow each day

In my mother’s TEARS
I find a haven of comfort for dark days
They are an ocean to wash away loneliness
Those tears so golden never fading

On my mother’s BOSOM
Life seems to pass by without a care
Where I listen to her heart beat
As a strong bond formed
Made to tie and bound promises we make

Aware her BREATH takes me away

In my mother’s NAME
I stand grounded with roots so deep
Defining who I am to be
And counting the legacy she began
Continuing the dreams she had

In my mother’s EYES
I see me



You held your baby Lovingly in your belly
Sang for him a lalluby
Hummed for her a nursery rhyme
Rubbed your belly when he kicked
Touched your heart when she moved
You remember every emotion felt
A tear goes down your face
Remembering baby is no longer there
Take heart dear one
You are still a mom
Years may have passed
Her memory lingers on
His moments you wished still there
Every bit of her
Every bit of him
In your heart
She may have left you before seeing the sun
He may have gone before you held him
Wipe that tear away
You are still
His mom
Her mom



You come into this world
Born out of a love that’s pure
Full of generous hopes
I want to look at you and know
You are my entire world
All the love I have in me
Is reserved for the day you arrive

In my daughter’s EYES
I want to see immeasurable joy
Happiness that transcends logic
Her eyes will tell me her needs
The questions she will ask no one
Fears that only a mother knows
Those eyes so innocent and raw
Will speak to my soul
Show me a little bit of Heaven below

In my daughter’s WORDS
I will learn to be patient of endless questions
Be proud
When she calls my name for the first time
Swell with pride when she tells me
“I love you mommy”

In my daughter’s HANDS
I want her to trust me to hold her
Steady her when she almost falls
Leading her to a happy future
Her soft unsure hands
Will be strong in mine

In my daughter’s WISDOM
I will understand childlike Faith
A wisdom like an empty canvas
That will fill me with knowledge I have learnt
Old wisdom passed from my mother to her

In my daughter’s FUTURE
I will learn myself, decisions, mistakes made
I will become a better one
Knowing I gave her my all with love
You will be Loved, Guided, Disciplined
By parents that adore you
You were made before I even thought of you

I want you to know I loved you unconditionally
When I am aged with wrinkles and grey hair
I want to see in my daughter’s eyes
Tears of gratitude that flow from her eyes
Just like I saw in my other’s EYES

In my daughter’s EYES
I see me