About your grief
The pain you will tell no one
The tears you will let no one see
The heartache you will not speak of
The laughter you have not been able to feel
Speak out
About your grieving
The hopelessness you will not share
The regrets you will not expose
The sorrows you will not let spill
The heartbreak you will not announce
Speak out
About your mourning
The anger you will not show anyone
The hatred you will not let them find
The fear you will not bring forth
The blame you will not give out
Speak out
About your crying
The loss you feel in your heart
The disappointment you harbour in your soul
The temper you reserve for your mind
The expectations you let go of in your body
Just speak out
About your
Even if no one listens
I will listen
When you Speak Out



I hear it pump blood
So hard
So fast
In the same rhythm
As if you were still there
My heart has no mind of its own
It does not know that you left
It knows not
That it does not have to beat for two
My superpower
Would have been being your mum
I would have loved you endlessly
I would have fed you tirelessly
I would have changed your diaper unreservedly
I would have soothed your cold restlessly
I would have watched you crawl without end
I would have watched you crush on your first cute girl
They would all have been wrong for you
I would let you rest your tired head on my laps
And let them call you mama’s boy
I would have come to your graduations without fail
By God’s grace
I would have watched you marry the woman of your dreams
Then held and spoilt all my grandkids
My heart beating for two
Reminds me one part of me is missing
Yet I have to survive it somehow
Without any Superpower