grief poetry Growth

Today marks one year since I lost my son through still birth. I can hardly believe that it has been more than 300 days without my boy. Growth for me means that I can find a good moment in a day that is filled with thoughts of what might have been. What would have been the milestones we would have had together. Growth is knowing that I can be okay someday, I never thought I would ever be. Still some nights are spent drenched in tears on my pillow but morning does come.

This photo I took when I went to the village at grandmas. It’s a picture of those really tiny shrubs that grow underneath the grass. It had rained the previous night and you can see spots of dirt stuck inside the flower petals and leaves. To me this photo is just beautiful, the dirt might have stuck to the budding flowers but that’s what makes it imperfectly perfect.

Like these budding blooming flowers I will emerge from this shadows in darkness that has been my grief journey. I will continue to heal and one day I will stand at my son’s grave and actually smile knowing I have become stronger. So cheers to Growth