It’s been ten years
My dearest mother
Since I said goodbye to you
It’s been hard
You know
Yet I have survived
Missing you so much
I sometimes think I will not wake up
I miss so much of you
Your laughter
Your sadness
Your excitement
Everything about you
Has not faded away
I still remember you
The first Mother’s Day without you
I thought I would not survive
Now the tenth Mothers Day without you
I still think I will not survive
Yet you gave me so much strength
When you were alive
Since you have been gone
So much has happened
So much of my life has changed
I’m sure you know your grandson
My baby boy is now with you
I prayed for the day you would meet him
Now you get to meet him without me
Still I celebrate you Mother
Everything you taught me
I have never forgotten
Everything I am you gave me
The wisdom I now know
You imparted on me
So on this Mothers’ Day
I still miss you
I love you Mother
Happy Mothers’ Day to you