Drunken in deep depression

My will just about giving out

A perfect facade

Of a loss I cannot get over

Take me home father

Let this world not know me anymore

I cannot seem to stop

All these tear drops

From drenching my chest

With memories

Of what could have been

I want to own all of my tears

Maybe then my hurt will stop

As I will never get to sing you a lullaby





When the lights are out
When everyone is asleep
When owls have stopped hooting
When crickets no longer sing
I will cry later
When the moon is no longer full
When stars disappear
When midnight
Midnight has 25 hours
I will cry later
When nobody is watching
When the crowds no longer sing
When feet move no more
When music has stopped
When it is all still
When nightmares abound
When I can no longer hold on
I will cry later
When my heart has found a tear
When my soul finds a voice
When my whisper stops being heard
When everyone snores
They can no longer hear my voice
Or listen to my whimpers
Against the pillow
How I yearn to cry
Bleed tears of sadness
Until my blood is no longer red
But black as darkness
Black as oil
Black as midnight
Black as soil
I will cry later
When my later is now
When everything stops
And I am left with myself
Just me and my damned tears
Damned to drown all else
I will cry later
When later is now
And my tears
Don’t Sting anymore



Stop trivializing my pain
Stop making it normal
I cannot share it
I cannot give it away
This is my pain
I need to live with it
Until it no longer
Sucks the life out of me
Just breathe baby
Just breathe



I sit under this tree
And wonder out loud
Where is my life headed
What am I doing wrong
Why can’t I have
The kind of life I want
Where should I go
To ease all this emptiness
I feel like I am drowning
Falling into this massive avalanche
That will not let go of its claws
Digging deep into my heart
Cold wind blows
I hear a plane above the sky
I wonder
What is my destiny
Who am I anyway
I have lost a sense of me
Me I do not understand anymore
Who have I become
With all this sadness inside me



I’m a mother, who has lost her child
I want nothing else, but him

Write Where It Hurts.

This is what art in writing is all about. I have read and re-read this piece because it is exactly what I am feeling at the moment as I “write where it hurts” in my soul, body and heart. Check out this great blog for more😍😍😍

My Broken Pieces

Write Where It Hurts,

That’s what they say, isn’t it?

After all, with hurt comes emotions, buckets full of them. Raining, no, pouring down, enough to fill oceans. Oceans filled with these waves, all carrying different feelings, different thoughts, different emotions… and worst of all, different kinds of hurt. One after the other they begin to consume you, just when you come up for air the next one hits, followed by another, and another. Crashing down on top of you, weighing you down, no, holding you down.

Waves filling every aching part of your body with the worst kinds of pain, the kind that buries itself in your bones, the kind that you can never shake. So you begin to write, after all that’s what they say, write where it hurts, its meant to help, so here I am trying it. I am writing where it hurts, I am writing…

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I just can’t.