My emotions are burnt out. Smoking in desolation. I have let the pain in. It refuses to let go. I’m not doing fine.



That hollow spot on your body
Speaks of an anguish
That cannot be consoled
A selfish need
To cry all the tears of the century
That space, deep dark space
Left by a life ended too soon
The life of a child
Lost in the abys of death
Life clawed away by unexplained reasons
That empty dent on your belly
Tells of grief beyond comprehension
A story truly harsh
Cannot be recounted without cries
Speaks of a desire to wither away
A tainted need
To curl into a foetal position
Never to wake up again
Your broken womb
Speaks of nothing but your hurt
Everything hurts
Even the heart hurts more
Looking down at an empty womb
Staring back at you
With no mercy
That part of you that died
Yet needing a Healer
To mend that broken womb



I will laugh again
I will sing again
I will hope again
I will dream again
I will smile again
I will expect again
Despite the ache
I will rise again
I have to laugh again
I have to sing again
I have to hope again
I have to dream again
I have to smile again
I have to expect again
Despite the ache
I will rise again
I may not laugh again now
I may not sing again now
I may not hope again now
I may not dream again now
I may not smile again now
I may not expect again now
Despite the ache
I will rise again
To laugh
To sing
To hope
To dream
To smile
To expect
I will rise again
Despite the ache