He held a gun in his hand
Then everything went blank
His knees buckled beneath him
Hands trembled with no resolve
Head bowed between his shoulders
He had pushed her away
Yelled at her presence in disgust
She was an abomination
Her eyes reminded him of his mistake
He needed to forget
Suit and tie
Italian leather shoes
Gold Rolex watch
Wealth, so much wealth

He was Mafia
She was his illegitimate daughter
He sired one drunken night
Forcefully against her mother’s will
Rape is what it was
At a dingy bar
In Seattle
Then she became the Mafia’s whore
He despised her
Yet he came inside her
On days the business went sour
He loathed her still
A tainted woman
She died at a filthy drugs den
The daughter he despised
Now lifeless
Now dead too
The same filthy drugs den
As her mother
Gun shot rents the air
Quietness followed
Power brought down
To its knees
Dynasty destroyed
This is how it all ends
To see a man fall on his knees
His daughter’s mother had a twin
Bloody hell
She came for revenge