Opening: a new month thinking of the coming days
Feeling: less than perfect
Knowing: May should bring with it a little comfort and less of anger
Wishing: i was holding you in my arms. Baby my arms are still not used to being without you
Hoping: that life will make more sense as I try to navigate through this pain of mine
Marveling: at how much time passes yet still remains the same
Needing: more hugs than ever before. This feeling of loneliness has gripped my chest so hard refusing to let go
Watching: how the month unfolds, I haven’t watched any series or movie for so long
Learning: days, minutes, seconds can never be recounted, once gone they stay gone for good
Loving: still a blank stare
Admiring: those who overcame their pain and learnt to live with it and not let it define them
Thinking: april ended too fast, I cannot believe we are already in another month
Wanting: to be left alone sometimes to deal with this riveting grief that has me in chains
Smelling: toasted bread
Dreading: nights when I dream about babies only to wake up realising I lost my own, so frightening yet distinct
Making: a decision to not be brought down by feelings of loss and so much sorrow
Reading: i can’t seem to want to read anymore, maybe the feeling will come back soon
Drinking: milk tea
Listening: to mercy me- I can only imagine
Writing: in my diary why life seems so unfair that everybody else is living the life I want, the life of being a mother
Wondering: how come…
Following: http://www.kaluhiskitchen.com
Eating: not yet lunch time
Wearing: a blue stripped dera, the one I wore to my baby’s funeral, somehow that gives me some sense of comfort and closeness to my absent boy
Creating: i haven’t felt any creative lately
Regretting: that life would have been different if I had made different choices at certain points in my life
Wasting: time
Noticing: i have lost a lot of weight, someone commented that I was shrinking…true, as my heart shrinks because of pain, my body shrinks too
Giggling: no laughter yet
Bookmarking: http://www.bikozulu.co.ke his witty writting makes me smile most times


Opening: parts of me i don’t want to feel
Feeling: restless
Knowing: life will someday be okay
Wishing: i could sleep all day
Hoping: i feel no hope lately
Marveling: at nothing
Needing: a long warm hug
Watching: the night sky
Learning: i’m getting more angrier
Loving: ???
Admiring: happy people
Thinking: i should love again
Wanting: peace of heart
Smelling: rain
Dreading: questions about my baby
Dreaming: senseless dreams
Cooking: nothing
Making: nothing
Reading: nothing
Drinking: tea
Listening: to the wind blow outside
Writing: trying to write again
Wondering: will i ever get to a better place
Following: i don’t really know
Eating: minced meat
Wearing: still grey sweats
Creating: nothing
Regretting: love
Wasting: minutes being sad
Noticing: my broken heart needs to Pause
Giggling: not in a while
Bookmarking: blank??



Maybe I’m in the wrong job
Maybe I’m in the wrong marriage
Maybe I’m in the wrong house
Maybe I’m in the wrong route
Maybe I’m in the wrong company
Maybe I’m in the wrong heart
Maybe I’m in the wrong land
Maybe I’m in the wrong bed
Maybe I’m in the wrong arms
Maybe I’m in the wrong love
Maybe I’m in the wrong family
Maybe I’m in the wrong chapter
Maybe I’m in the wrong color
Maybe I’m in the wrong account
Maybe I’m in the wrong friendship
Maybe I’m in the wrong crowd
Maybe I’m in the wrong shift
Maybe I’m in the wrong drink
Maybe I’m in the wrong song
Maybe I’m in the wrong language
Maybe I’m in the wrong season
Maybe I’m in the wrong Ocean
Maybe I’m in the wrong break
Maybe I’m in the wrong basket
Maybe I’m in the wrong
Just maybe



Opening: my heart a little bit
Feeling: thoughtless
Knowing: i have come this far in grief
Wishing: i could scream all emotions out
Hoping: life will get better soon
Marveling: at how fast morning comes
Needing: a sign that tomorrow is better
Watching: nothing
Learning: i have to stop crying
Loving: is there room for love right now really
Admiring: the clear blue sky
Thinking: life will soon make sense again
Wanting: to get out of this limbo
Smelling: eggs
Dreading: going out to live life without him
Dreaming: of holding on
Cooking: rice, maybe
Making: nothing
Reading: still not held a book
Drinking: water
Listening: music is a bit raw
Writing: my emotions
Wondering: will time heal all wounds as they say
Following: ellaine’s blog
Eating: a mango
Wearing: grey sweats
Creating: nothing
Regretting: nothing yet
Wasting: tears on my pillow
Noticing: i have a strong heart even though it is broken
Giggling: laughter has escaped me
Bookmarking: haven’t really browsed lately



Opening: my eyes

Feeling: like this day will never end

Knowing: i have to get up and live life again

Wishing: i had you in my arms

Hoping: that I will heal from this sense of loss

Marveling: at how much time has gone

Needing: to be comforted

Watching: the trees bend down from the wind

Learning: someday will come to be okay

Loving: nothing right now

Admiring: the morning sun

Thinking: it still feels like I am stuck at the same place

Wanting: to just sleep

Smelling: wet soil

Dreading: waking up another day without you

Dreaming: having nightmares really

Cooking: no strength to cook yet

Making: nothing

Reading: haven’t held a book for so long

Drinking: black tea

Listening: Nickelback – Lullaby

Writing: in this blog

Wondering: will it get better tomorrow

Following: eyes plus words

Eating: brown bread

Wearing: pajamas

Creating: nothing

Regretting: never singing everyday for you

Wasting: Heard my thoughts

Noticing: the dark shadows under my eyes

Giggling: waiting to laugh again

Bookmarking: whatsyourgrief  Feeling Nothing During Grief