Today I just want to celebrate World Poetry Day 21st March 2017 in a Minimal way.



Opening: my heart a little bit
Feeling: thoughtless
Knowing: i have come this far in grief
Wishing: i could scream all emotions out
Hoping: life will get better soon
Marveling: at how fast morning comes
Needing: a sign that tomorrow is better
Watching: nothing
Learning: i have to stop crying
Loving: is there room for love right now really
Admiring: the clear blue sky
Thinking: life will soon make sense again
Wanting: to get out of this limbo
Smelling: eggs
Dreading: going out to live life without him
Dreaming: of holding on
Cooking: rice, maybe
Making: nothing
Reading: still not held a book
Drinking: water
Listening: music is a bit raw
Writing: my emotions
Wondering: will time heal all wounds as they say
Following: ellaine’s blog
Eating: a mango
Wearing: grey sweats
Creating: nothing
Regretting: nothing yet
Wasting: tears on my pillow
Noticing: i have a strong heart even though it is broken
Giggling: laughter has escaped me
Bookmarking: haven’t really browsed lately