Over the fence
Lies a blurry image of you
Who you were
When you came into this world
Who you were
When you left this world
I want to reach over
Touch what your memory has left
Over the fence



She sits
Watching the day go by
Night she waits like death
A prowler of the night her power lies
Thirsty for a body to lay with
She sits
Watching the night approach
Night she bargains with like death
A seeker of the night her charm lies
Hungry for a chest to lay on
She sits
Watching him watch her
A dance she dances with death
A master of the night her laughter lies
Greedy for a mouth to fall on
She sits
Watching this man walk past
Seduction she plays with like death
A crawler of the night her claws lies
Sweating for a dollar to fall for

She fidgets
Listening to the night unfolding
Night she has learnt like dying leaves
A child of the night she knows
Breathing for a sin without conscience
She fidgets
Listening to him speak shit of her
Night she has bred like rotting leaves
An adult of the night she understands
Yawning for a corruptness without thought
She fidgets
Listening to him breath beneath her
Night she has abandoned like dried leaves
A woman of the night she rides on
Wanting for a guiltless heart without life
She fidgets
Listening to paper slide from a leather wallet
Night she has assumed like withered leaves
A madame of the night she folds the notes
Swallowing for a tasteless soul without vines

She walks
Knowing the day is breaking
Day she starts with mist in her eyes
Arms clasped around her chest
Cold wind beats her astounded heels
A Caterpillar of the night
Turning into a blue butterfly of the morning

Ignoring Murmurations from the street
She walks
But then flies into nothingness



She sat next to an abandoned building
Looking at the distant horizon
The sun was just setting in her life
She had lost herself
Immersed in thoughts of frailty
Her sense of direction somehow lost
She knew her life had been
Now it had to begin again
Without her precious soulmate
Her lost child was her soulmate
Pen and paper in hand
She wrote her silent tears
Wanting nothing but her child
Silent sobs escaped her throat
Pausing in moments
Where the cries began to scratch her heart
A lizard scuffles past…
She knows nightfall is approaching
Night that no one knows
When even pen and paper know
She will cry on paper
Through her own words