I want to sleep soundly
Sleep until I have no more pain
Pain of your loss child
I want to dream dreams
That make me touch your hand
Smell your baby scent
Bask in your unconditional love
I want to fall asleep
Without any fears of nightmares
I don’t want to feel homeless
Or desolate
When I go to sleep at night
So let me sleep
Then wake me up
When the pain is all gone
So I will not close my eyes
Fearing that pain of your loss
Will cause me to not sleep soundly
When I want to sleep
Let me be
Let me fall slowly asleep
Let me alone
Only wake me up
When the pain is all gone
The pain of loosing you my child
For in sleep I rest in your tiny embrace
In sleep I find comfort in your heart
In sleep I know you are with me
In my dreams I hold your hand still
So wake me not, let me sleep
Until all the pain is gone
My heart is on the Precipice of pain
I want to wake up when it’s all gone