Bipolar is Notorious… (Daily Word Prompt is Notorious)

This post is filled with honest truth yet speaks of a survival that we all need sometimes. An understanding we should have for those suffering somehow. Read more great artistry on this blog…love it 😍😍

My Loud Whispers of Hope

Bipolar is notorious

and is not glorious,

but instead is hazardous

and can be dangerous

for reasons that are obvious

to others that me be curious,

of an illness

they do not

will not

and cannot


You cannot see the pain

that eats away my heart and soul

creating death to live inside me.

Only a beating heart placed inside a carcass

where living and breathing a breath of life

seems too difficult and painful for survival,

reaching the bottomless bottom of a deep dark pit of despair and sorrow,

only to somehow miraculously overcome that fall and deep dark grave,

to rapidly rise to an extreme floating hot air balloon swirling high

into the skies above and beyond anything imaginable

to a brain that is void of any mania or bipolar.

My brain, my racing rapid flying thoughts and ideas inside me,

encompassing and overtaking every inch of my…

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Write Where It Hurts.

This is what art in writing is all about. I have read and re-read this piece because it is exactly what I am feeling at the moment as I “write where it hurts” in my soul, body and heart. Check out this great blog for more😍😍😍

My Broken Pieces

Write Where It Hurts,

That’s what they say, isn’t it?

After all, with hurt comes emotions, buckets full of them. Raining, no, pouring down, enough to fill oceans. Oceans filled with these waves, all carrying different feelings, different thoughts, different emotions… and worst of all, different kinds of hurt. One after the other they begin to consume you, just when you come up for air the next one hits, followed by another, and another. Crashing down on top of you, weighing you down, no, holding you down.

Waves filling every aching part of your body with the worst kinds of pain, the kind that buries itself in your bones, the kind that you can never shake. So you begin to write, after all that’s what they say, write where it hurts, its meant to help, so here I am trying it. I am writing where it hurts, I am writing…

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God Healed Me to the Point That I Can Live My Life Again (Daily Word Prompt is Heal)

Thoughts about healing that I really need right now. This post gives me hope that God is my healer and the lifter of my head when I am down. Thank you for this…

My Loud Whispers of Hope

(Please listen and watch my praise and worship video, with lyrics too, by Chris Tomlin “Lord I Need You” at the end of my Post).

Heal me, O Lord,and

I shall be healed;

Save me,and

I shall be saved,

for you are my praise.

–Jeremiah 17:14

God saved my life.

God healed me to the point that I can now live my life again.

He did not heal me completely from bipolar disorder, but He healed me to the point that I can now live a full and happy life.

I continue to live with bipolar disorder and have struggles and sometimes severe symptoms from my bipolar disorder, but God has taught me and given me the strength to continue on and fight my symptoms with all the strength I have deep within my soul.

God has healed me to the point that He has decided is just perfect for my life…

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Last Stage: Acceptance

It’s like you were thinking what my frame of mind is at the moment. This is just perfect for me and everyone going through the grieving or healing process. Just perfect 😍😍😍

Ancient Beauty


I mourned my loss, Loss of dignity

Denial was the first stage, felt like eternity

I was in a misery and then came anger

It took a toll on body and mind, I could hold no longer!

I started banging my head asking Him one question,

“Why did it happen to me?” I said with regression.

No response, no voice to my release,

It ate at my soul like a disease.

Now past the depressive stage,

Into the future, with acceptance, I gaze.

If you are suffering and mourning a loss of someone, or even loss of your ambitions, hang  in there. Stay connected with your family and friends. Let them in. I promise you will get through this and make it to the other side, where you will see a way to move on with the sweet memories and lessons learned. You might be on different stages of…

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The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy

I had to reblog this poem by Sangbad, it just speaks to me. It’s hauntingly great with such a sullen yet hopeful mood.

Thoughts of Words

The morning is here…

Is it?

The gloomy sky, the shroud of smog…–

All is gray, all is cold…

Are you sure of it?

Yes, my friend…said the guest as he sipped on–

His cup of morning tea.

I haven’t looked at the sky for days,

The Death is not coming to me, my friend,–

Fast; it’s dragging…it’s dragging… The poet is lost for words.

The guest smiled and said, do you want it fast and quick?

The pale poet nodded his head and collected his breaths-

Even a small movement making him tired and drained out.

The guest smiled and passed him the vial, —

Bye, my friend, hope you have a safe journey…

The guest left the poet; the poet sighed.

He looked at the mirror, adjacent to his bed–

And saw the guest looking at him–

They smiled at each other…

With a trembling hand, the vial went…

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What About The Dad?

I just stumbled upon this piece and just had to reblog it. Even the dad grieves.

The Story of Audrey


To The Daddy,

Our child is 50% you and 100% us.

Instead of carrying her in your womb, you carry the weight of our world on your shoulders.

You may not have felt her kick from the inside out, but you aren’t exempt from the pain of her loss.

I see you.

I see you forced into the role of “The Rock”. You are expected to be the solid counterpart to my emotional tendencies.

I see you wiping away my tears and wonder if you ever need a good cry.chrisaudrey

I see you leave for work each day. Throughout it all, you have continued to build a life for our family without question or complaint.

When was the last time I checked your pulse? Maybe she has also been on your mind.

You lost her too, after all. She wrapped her tiny hand around your ring finger. She calmed when…

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