When the lights are out
When everyone is asleep
When owls have stopped hooting
When crickets no longer sing
I will cry later
When the moon is no longer full
When stars disappear
When midnight
Midnight has 25 hours
I will cry later
When nobody is watching
When the crowds no longer sing
When feet move no more
When music has stopped
When it is all still
When nightmares abound
When I can no longer hold on
I will cry later
When my heart has found a tear
When my soul finds a voice
When my whisper stops being heard
When everyone snores
They can no longer hear my voice
Or listen to my whimpers
Against the pillow
How I yearn to cry
Bleed tears of sadness
Until my blood is no longer red
But black as darkness
Black as oil
Black as midnight
Black as soil
I will cry later
When my later is now
When everything stops
And I am left with myself
Just me and my damned tears
Damned to drown all else
I will cry later
When later is now
And my tears
Don’t Sting anymore



You may have lost your child
Infant death
Child’s death

Your child may have been
Few weeks
Several months
A few years
Many years old

Your child may have
Died in the womb
Died at birth
Committed suicide
Died in an accident
Coldly murdered
Taken away by sickness

You are eternally a mother
You carried that child
Inside your womb
For however long you
Loved him
Loved her
Before death snatched away
Your reason for existing
You are eternally a mother
It is not just an Impression



When I held you in my womb
I knew you were meant to be
I knew you were real
I understood you would be
Part of me forever
Growing in my belly
I was sure I was blest
Given the privilege to carry you
Faithfully I knew
I would be your mother
When you were sad
When you were happy
When I was sad
When I was happy
You painted in me
The full picture of motherhood
A portrait of enduring love
When I held you in my womb
You were completely part of me
Everything of me you carried
A full resemblance of my eyes
Complete copy of my blood in your veins
You were a potrait
Of what a mother is
You made me a mother
The few seconds I had with you
Bitter sweet moments
I was already a mother
No one can take that away
I am still a mother
Your mother baby



To God
A day is like
A thousand years
A thousand years
Like a day

I know for the next
A thousand years
You will still remain a part of me
All the few memories
I was allowed to have
Will be neatly inscribed
Into my saddened heart

A thousand years
To come
I will still
Remember your presence in my womb
I will still know
That I loved you without reserve
That I waited for you without impatience
Or doubt

More than
A thousand years
Will pass
Still I will know you are my first
My first love
My first child
My first miracle
My first son
My first unimmesurable love

A thousand years
I will wait for you
Love you
Until you are in my arms again
In Heaven where you are



A mother is supposed to
Believe everything will be fine
Even if it is not
A mother is supposed to
Have Faith
Even when there is none
A mother is supposed to
Love unconditionally
Even if there is no love
A mother is supposed to
Pray continuously
Even when there is no need
A mother is supposed to
Discipline regardless
Even when it hurts her more
A mother is supposed to
Care uncontrollably
Even when she is hurting
A mother is a mother
Whether she bore her children or not
Even when the child is unborn
She is still a mother