I feel I am unravelling
Completely worn out by this ache
An empty shitty ache
That will not allow me to curse out loud
The threads of my soul
Slowly unravelling so fast
I am left naked with too much sorrow
When you pour ink into my hurt
All you will find are words
Words that do not rhyme
Make sense
Or even exist in the alphabet
My hurt writes itself
Draws vividly unsaid sentiments
Emotions that rock my now silent wail
Cries that are only heard by my pillow
I ache for you my son
Listening to my heart beat alone
I keep Unravelling moments wished for
Blue ink, Black ink, Red Ink
They all write the same thing
My loss of you child



She was so angry
Angry at her love
Angry at her life
Angry at her pain
Angry at her maker
Angry at her loss
Angry at her self
Just angry
So much anger
With no one to sooth it